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      Stem Cells                                            The gift of life 

Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord tissue stem cells Prices

  •  Umbilical Cord Blood stem cells, collection, isolation, cryostorage for 25 years. ( In cooperation with Biovault Technical Ltd, under its own HTA, JACIE and AABB license)
  • Service is not available yet to UK market
  • Kit & Admin fee (non-refundable)
  •  Processing and 25 years storage
  •  Collection Kit
  •  Courier Service
  •  Cord Blood Processing & Storage
  •  Viability Tests
  •  Sterility Testing
  •  Maternal Blood Tests
  •  Full Cell Count
  •  CD34 + Cell Count
  •  Storage Certificate


Further Information

If the cord blood fails to reach the minimum acceptance criteria for storage, but the cord tissue sample is successfully processed and stored, you will still be charged for the processing and storage of the cord tissue sample, the cost of which will be a total of £1150.

For both options the initial fee is payable on dispatch of the collection kit by courier and is non-refundable. This also includes delivery of your umbilical cord blood sample by courier back to our laboratory. The remainder, which includes testing of the maternal blood sample taken at birth, is payable once your umbilical cord blood sample has been successfully processed and stored.

The service we offer is unique in that our fees for storing cord blood are invoiced to an independent Escrow company. This means that your storage fee is safe in the event that our company ceases trading in the future. In which case the remainder of your storage fee would be made available to an alternate tissue bank that would be appointed to continue the management of the stored samples.*


If you are having twins we can offer you a 50% reduction on the price for the second twin on both service options.


Total price for twins for Option 1 is £2550

Total price for twins for Option 2 is £3225

Cord Blood Collection Phlebotomy Service

This incurs a one-off fee payable directly to the phlebotomy company. Alternatively you may wish to provide your own phlebotomist to carry out.

Price Beat

We realise that this is a HUGE decision and want to provide you the best service and best value for money (after all this is a life long investment!) We want to ensure peace of mind at the lowest possible price.

Our price beat initiative is our little thank you to you; the customer for considering stem cell collection. We are more than happy to guarantee a price beat of £50 from any price you have been previously quoted. We want you to be confident that we not only provide the best service for the processing and storage of your cord blood stem cells, but also provide you with excellent value for money.

*must be a written quotation from another UK stem cell company for a like for like service. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Refer a friend

What’s better than you opting to store your child’s precious stem cells? A friend following suit and also protecting their families future! Please feel free to recommend us to a friend or family member and by way of thanks for raising awareness of our service we will send you £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers to spend as you wish! Your friend will get a £100 discount on either service should they store with us.*

*Vouchers will be sent to you upon your referrals final payment for our service.

We often have discounts and offers in place, so please do contact our Customer Care Team on +44 (0) 1752 548951 or

* Credit checks are a requirement for interest free payment plans





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