Stem Cells The gift of life
      Stem Cells                                            The gift of life 


Biohellenika Bioscience Ltd (BB) is a bioscience company based in London Bioscience Innovation center focused in stem cell banking, cell based, regenerative medicine and biomolecular applications and treatments.

BB belongs to Biohellenika group of companies that has subsidiaries and affiliates companies in Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, FyroM, Albania, Armenia, Canada, Philippines & Indonesia .

The aim of Biohellenika Bioscience Ltd is to serve the UK and the international markets offering services and transferring technologies.

A parallel target is to participate in common research programs with UK and interantional universities in the field of regenerative medicine, biomolecular and stem cell applications.

Biohellenika S.A (member of Biohellenika group) has founded at 2006 and is an internationally recognized stem cell and tissue engineering company having processing and storage facilities in total 2.800 square metres including GMP clean rooms and "state of the art' laboratory and molecular biotechnology spaces in Thessaloniki and and Athens Greece.

Currently it stores more than 30,000 umbilical cord blood units, 20,000 units of Wharton Jelly stem cells, and over 7,500 dental stem cell units.

It is accredited by AABB and operates in 7 countries including Greece, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Fyrom, Cyprus, Armenia etc. and has successfully provided cord blood stem cell grafts for autologous transplantation to Duke univercity hospital as well as is actively involved in stem cell therapies with over 1,000 successful releases for autologous therapies, aesthetic, orthopedic etc.

Biohellenika Bioscience ltd cooperates with the R&D department of Biohellenika S.A that in collaboration with distinguished Academic Professors and research centers studies and creates new services and applications in the field of Stem Cells, Genomics, Molecular biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering. BB in cooperation with Biohellenika S.A participates in multinational and international grants.  

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Tel.: +44 20 75545868+44 20 75545868



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Tel.: +44 20 75545868+44 20 75545868

Managment Team

-Ioannis Exintaris C.E.O

-Dr. George Koliakos

 President of the Scientific                   Committee

-Chris Boukouvalas

  V.P of business Development

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